Roll it up in your yoga
mat and take it with you everywhere!

Yoga Fan: Practice Guide for Everyday

A comprehensive reference for yoga postures and handy yoga practice
guide for beginning to advanced yogis. The YOGA FAN is packed with all the yoga basics you’ll need in a convenient, compact and easy-to-use format. 

More than 50 yoga poses (asanas) highlighted with complete step-by-step illustrated instruction and modifications for all levels of experience and flexibility. Grouped in seven, color-coded sections according to posture (standing, twisting, inversions, etc.) and corresponding to the seven chakras. It includes yoga tips for safety, form and alignment, breathing and meditation, a glossary of yoga terms and lessons in basic anatomy for yoga.

The yoga instruction starts with preparatory poses, moves on to sun salutations, followed by a rigorous Vinyasa flow sequence and finally relaxation and sitting meditation postures.

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