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Training Fan


Original (Deluxe) Training Fan  item: 45606
96 leaves /192 pp. / 2” x 8.5”

Comprehensive cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. Over 70 exercises, 20 stretches, and 3 complete workouts—beautifully illustrated and in easy-to-use format. Grouped in color-coded sections according to muscle group and then sub-divided according to equipment usage (exercises that use no equipment, minimal equipment such as dumbbells and resistance bands, or machines). Printed on a luxurious and indestructible water-resistant, tear-resistant paper. Space to write goals, notes and track progress. 

Yoga Fan


Yoga Fan: Practice Guide for Every Day  item: 45614
71 leaves/142 pp. / 2” x 8.5”

A comprehensive practice guide featuring a rigorous Vinyasa (flow) sequence. The YOGA FAN is packed with information in a convenient and easy-to-use format. More than 50 yoga postures plus preparatory poses and sitting meditation postures. Complete step-by-step illustrated instruction and modifications for all levels of experience and flexibility. Grouped in seven, color-coded sections according to posture (standing, twisting, inversions, etc.) and corresponding to the seven chakras. Includes tips on safety, form and alignment, breathing and meditation, a glossary of terms and lessons in basic anatomy for yoga.

Prenatal & Postpartum


Prenatal & Postpartum Fan
item: 45630               
71 leaves/142 pp. / 2” x 8.5”

Featuring two full-body strength workouts by Annette Lang, this fan also provides guidelines for aerobic exercise and stretching for any prenatal or postpartum woman already cleared by her doctor for participation in a fitness program. With a focus on core stability and pelvic integrity, each exercise has a simplified and an advanced variation as well as 2nd and 3rd trimester modifications. Special emphasis is on safety, how to strengthen abdominal muscles properly before, during and after pregnancy, and how to get back into shape after delivery.

Mini Yoga Fan  


25 leaves/50 pp. / 2.375” x 6.5”
Coated paper, gloss lamination

item: 456-57

The Mini Yoga Fan is a compact companion of the Yoga Fan, containing the foundations of yoga with all the necessary basics to get started. It features abbreviated morning and night sequences for yogis who want to dive deeper into a focused, healthy workout. Side one offers a morning series featuring an energizing Vinyasa (flow) sequence that’s great for beginners and advanced students. Side two has an evening series and is perfect for anyone wishing to relax and restore mind and body after a long day. 

Mini Travel Fan 


25 leaves/50 pp. / 2.375” x 6.5”
Coated paper, gloss lamination

item: 456-81

The Mini Travel Fan is a compact version of the Training Fan with exercises that use no equipment (only your own body weight is used for resistance) or minimal equipment (such as resistance bands or dumbbells). It has all the guidelines for cardio, strength, and flexibility training with over 21 exercises, 18 stretches, and 2 complete sample workouts that can be done anywhere, anytime. Updated with tips on how to make exercises more challenging when away from your trainer and gym.

Mini Golf Fan


25 leaves/50 pp. / 2.375” x 6.5” Coated paper, gloss lamination

item: 456-22

Men and women golfers of any age or skill level can greatly enhance their golf game by engaging in a golf-specific exercise program. Illustrated instruction for cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training to get you in top form for improved golf performance. Fourteen stretches and 26 strength exercises plus full color anatomical illustrations. Improving overall fitness will enable any golfer to hit the ball with greater head speed, increase distance with less effort, improve control for more consistent shots, increase coordination and reduce the risk of injury.

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